11 - My Friend, Henry Mancini - Short inspirational readings for BandsRSS

11 - My Friend, Henry Mancini - Short inspirational readings for Bands

Stories of Growing Up Together

To the world, the name Henry Mancini brings back memories of amazing songs like Moon River, The Pink Panther Theme, and hundreds more written for movies and television. This prolific composer, arranger, and conductor won Academy, Grammy, and Oscar awards. To John Weitzel, Henry Mancini is simply the name of his best friend since seventh grade in Aliquippa, PA, and throughout life. For the first time, John has shared his stories of growing up with Henry Mancini. You will smile, laugh, and even shed a few tears as you read stories of escapades the two shared. John commented, “We are confident that, even after so many years, there is still a very large audience of Henry Mancini fans who will appreciate our new stories about this beloved man.”

I have had the honor of conducting a community band that both John and Lesley performed in.  These short stories each would be of great inspiriation to a school band. Reading a page to your band could help inspire your kids. - Chris R. Hansen

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