If You're Happy And You Know It For 5 Piece Dixieland Band - Kids Song Sing-a-long

IF YOU'RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT – Fun Kids Dixieland Series Singalong.  Parts included clarinet, trumpets, tenor sax, trombone, tuba (or baritone sax), piano, piano/vocal, vocal, drums, bass guitar.  Fun and Easy to Play   ...

Jolly Old Saint Nicolas arranged for dixieland band with optional vocal

Jolly Old Saint Nicolas arranged for Dixieland band.  Parts include full score, clarinet, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, tuba or baritone sax, piano for all rhythm parts and vocal part.  This version includes instrumental sections, vocal verses w ...

My Country Tis of Thee arranged for Dixieland Band

MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE arranged for 5pc Dixieland Band – Is un like any arrangement you have played before. A “tongue in cheek” musical journey takes you through “The God Father” – to a German Polka to who knows where. ...

My Name is Lazarus - Dixieland style

MY NAME IS LAZARUS arranged for Gospel Dixieland Band - Vocal by members of the band.  All parts are included for Clarinet, Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Baritone (Tuba), Piano/Rhythm for Drums, bass and piano.   HansenCharts Dixieland Pro Series Arr ...

Please Love Me Forever custom arranged as a dixieland ballad

Please Love Me Forever (1961) made famous by Bobby Vinton, custom arranged as a Dixieland ballad with optional vocal or instrumental renditions. This has a nice soft easy feel reminiscent of earlier Dixieland ballads. See the sample score for a list of th ...

Precious Lord arranged for Dixieland Band - 5 horns only unaccompanied

PRECIOUS LORD arranged for 5pc Dixieland Band – This arrangement is unaccompanied – It is just for the wind instruments and NO rhythm. This is arranged for trumpet, clarinet, alto sax, trombone and Tuba (or Baritone Sax).   This is a ...

Precious Lord Arranged For Vocal, Piano/Rhythm And 5 Horns

A simple and peaceful version of PRECIOUS LORD arranged for Vocal solo, instrumental solos, piano/rhythm and trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax, trombone, baritone sax (trombone sub). Simple and Easy. can be used as an instrumental or vocal solo or singalong

Precious Lord for 4 piece dixieland band feature

PRECIOUS LORD arranged for 4pc Dixieland Band – This arrangement is with rhythm though note that the recording is only of the MIDI horn parts – This is arranged for trumpet, clarinet, trombone and Tuba with a lead sheet for all rhythm instrume ...

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town for four piece Dixieland band unaccompanied

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town is a custom work arranged for a 4 piece Dixieland band unaccompanied version (no rhythm players). This can work great for a strolling 4 piece group.  Parts include; trumpet, clarinet, trombone and tuba.  Short and s ...

Shake, Shake a Hand interactive song for dixieland band

SHAKE, SHAKE A HAND – A great audience participation song or song for kids and picnics.  Custom arranged for Dixieland band with vocal and interaction.  Each verse asks the audience to do something with a “neighbor” – The ...

Since Jesus Came Into My Heart Medley arranged for Dixieland Band - Instrumental Version

Since Jesus Came Into My Heart Medley (INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) with This World Is Not My Home, In the Name of Jesus, and Oh, the Blood of Jesus. Better HOLD ON! And yes, the piano solos are written out! This is about as much fun as one should be able to hav ...

South Rampart Street Parade arranged for Dixieland Ensemble

THE SOUTH RAMPART STREET PARADE arranged for dixieland band in the key of C/F.  This is a medium difficulty arrangement and fairly easy to play.  Though this is designed as an instrumental work, lyrics are included.  There is also a piano v ...

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus (Bart Millard) Piano/banjo lead sheet

Inspired by Bart Millard's version of this classic hymn from his "Hymned" recording, Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus is a great, inspirational treatment of this hymn.  This uses the same chord structure as the original.  This would work very well w ...


Congregational Singing - also for solo, choir, ensemble - Upbeat with a little Swing - Dixieland Voicings for Congregational Singing - 1Trp; 1Clar; 1Tbn; 1TnrSx; 1BriSx; Rhythm

Stars and Stripes Forever arranged for Dixieland Band

The STARS and STRIPES FOREVER arranged for 5pc Dixieland Band – Features a Tuba Solo (with options for a Baritone Sax Solo). This begins with a 2nd line drum beat bringing the band into the B section of the tune and then into the Tuba or Baritone Sa ...


Congregational Singing - Sweet and Reflective - Take My Life, My Jesus I Love, It Is Well with My Soul - 1Trp; 1Clar; 1Tbn; 1TnrSx; 1BriSx; Rhythm


Congregational Singing - Fun, Bouncy - Old Traditional Chorus in Dixieland - 1Trp; 1Clar; 1Tbn; 1TnrSx; 1BriSx; Rhythm


Instrumental Feature - also for Congregational Singing - Instrumental Solo or Congregation - More Jazz than Dixieland - 1Trp; 1Clar; 1Tbn; 1TnrSx; 1BriSx; Rhythm

They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love - Arranged For Vocal Or Singing, Piano/Rhythm And 5 Horns

With a Latin feel, this version of They'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love is sure fun to sing and play.  Arranged for piano/rhythm and five horns.  Trumpet, Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Baritone Sax (Trombone Sub) and vocals.  Sorry N ...


Congregational Singing - Optional Kids Singalong - Sweet Begin to Yee Haw Down Home Ending - 1Trp; 1Clar; 1Tbn; 1TnrSx; 1BriSx; Rhythm


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