4th of July Shooter Jennings Lead Sheet Back vocals

4th of July by Shooter Jennings – Lead Sheet for country band, Vocal Solo and Back Up SATB Vocals. Original Key – PDF. Check out the Sample Score. Four Pages. Country Music – Patriotic Music – Country Patriotic Music.

America the Beautiful 544 Piano Rhythm  Gospel Big Band Instrumental Series

This is "America the Beautiful" arranged originally for A Washington DC celebration and used for a Pat Robertson Birthday Celebration.  The arrangement is for a big band as a band feature. This arrangement can also be used as a sing-a-long or with 4 ...

America The Beautiful arranged for Dixieland Band

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL arranged for 5pc Dixieland Band – This arrangement keeps the clarinetist busy, a great chance to show off their skill. High energy from the get go. This a true Dixieland chart. Moderate to Difficult level. HansenCharts Patriot ...

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