Bridge Over Troubled Water Custom parts for Vocal Solo and 5444 Big Band in Db

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Paul Simon. Custom arranged parts for Vocal solo with 5444 big band in Db (lower than the original Eb).  This was created to be as close to the original Art Garfunkel version as possible but using a big band.  The b ...

I Hope You Dance 4pc horn section feature

This is Leann Womack's "I hope You Dance" arragned for a 4 piece horn section feature - instrumental.  This is great for dances, graduation and other.  Instrument parts include Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone & rhythm AND an optional ...


Yep, this is the original "Pomp and Circumstance arranged for clarinet, trumpet and trombone with piano or organ and or rhythm section (chords) and an optional violin obligato part. In the Key of G

This is Not Goodby (Sidewalk Prophets) for SAB choir or trio, piano and strings

This is Not Goodbye - Inspired by the Sidewalk Prophets version. This is a custom arranged work for SAB choir or trio, piano and optional strings (2 violins, viola, cello).   in the key of G (which is 4 steps below the original.) This is a great grad ...

This Is not Goodbye Piano Vocal inspired by Sidewalk Prophets

"This is Not Goodbye" as performed by Sidewalk Prophets arranged for vocal solo with duet harmony and piano with chords.  In the Key of C and the lower key of Bb.  UPDATED And now this includes the keys of F and G for Female Alto solos.  Al ...

You Raise Me Up 4331 Big Band Instrumental or Vocal

This is the popular song "You Raise Me Up" made famous by Josh Groban and many others arranged for 4331 Rhythm Big Band.  This is a moderate difficult work with lots of instrumental solos.  This can also be performed as a vocal solo. (vocal incl ...

You Raise Me Up for 5443 Big Band Instrumental

 A classic Irish tune “You Raise Me Up” scored for 5443 Big Band.  Great solos for the saxes all written out.  A medium difficult arrangement, fun to play and a great crowd pleaser.  Parts include piano (also can ...


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