At The Cross for TTBB Vocal Gaither Vocal Band Orchestration

At The Cross – HYMN Custom Orchestration - Inspired by the Gaither Vocal Band TTBB Vocal feature (sung at the Billy Grahm Memorial Service) with solos in the original key of G. If you want a different key contact us. If you need a different instrume ...


This is "Breathe" by Marie Barnett A Custom Arrangement and as Inspired by Michael W. Smith.  and arranged for Orchestra and SAT worship team  This is a beautiful work for congregational singing or also great for a prelude, or offertory. &n ...

Christ Arose - Orchestra Choir & Congregation Traditional Version 1

This is a simple and celebrative orchestration of the Hymn "Christ Arose" This is a fairly easy and straight forward arranged for full orchestra, SATB choir and Congregation. (More Brass and more traditional than Version 2) Be sure to download the sample ...

Christ Arose for congregation, brass quintet, tympani, piano/organ and SATB choir.

Chris Arose (Low in the Grave He Lay) is arranged in a stately traditional setting with traditional harmonies but with fanfare brass in the key of Bb. This is fairly easy to play by all players. Be sure to view the sample score, the midi audio and video s ...

Christ Arose Full Orchestra SATB Choir and Congregation Contemporary Version 2

Christ Arose – For Orchestra, SATB Choir and Optional Congregation.  A more contemporary reflective and stately celebration of a glorious classic Easter Hymn. Arranged for full strings, synth strings, flute 1 & 2; oboe; clarinet 1 & 2; ...

Christ is Risen Inspired Matt Maher SATB choir Small Orchestra

Christ is Risen - Inspired by Matt Maher - Small Orchestra Version - SATB choir, Solo, Full strings, flute, clarinet, alto sax/horn, trumpet, trombone/tenor sax, trombone/bari sax.  Key of F (1/2 step down from original).  Check out the sample m ...

Christ the Lord is Risen Today - simple contemporary with Horns-

This is a simple contemporary version of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"  for congregational singing, optional SATB choir parts - which can be sung with the traditional harmonies and added horns and string reduction.  This is great and an easy ...

Christ the Lord is Risen Today Brass Choir, Organ & Congregation

This is the traditional Hymn "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" arranged for Brass Choir, Organ and Congregational singing.  Brass parts include 3 trumpets, 2 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, tympani and organ. It is written for 4 stanza.  The arrangemen ...

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today for Full Orchestra, Choir and Congregation

This is the traditional Hymn "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" arranged for Full Orchestra, SATB Choir, and Congregational singing. The arrangement begins in the key of Bb and has an instrumental modulation between the 3rd and 4th stanza to the Key of C. T ...

Crown Him with Many Crowns 544  SJ EZ Version 544 Gospel Big Band Inst

This is the hymn tune "Crown Him With Many Crowns" 5441 Arranged for 2 alto saxes 2 tenor saxes 1 baritone sax 4 trumpets 4 trombones. Piano and chords for rhythm section.  This instrumental version - SJ 544 - arrangement was inspired by Mi ...

Crown Him with Many Crowns Brass Choir and Congregation

This the Hymn "Crown Him With Many Crowns" the Hymn Tune Diademata written by George J. Elvey - with text by Matthew Bridges arranged for Brass Choir, Piano/Organ and Congregation.  Just Perfect for an Easter Service.  This has a solid fanfare q ...

Crown Him with Many Crowns for congregation, brass quintet, piano, organ, tympani, and SATB Choir

Crown Him with Many Crowns for congregation, brass quintet, piano, organ, tympani, and SATB Choir This is very stately and regal, a very traditional rendition of DIADEMATA. Separate parts for organ and piano and SATB choir. There are separate parts for b ...

Crown Him With Many Crowns Full Orchestra SATB Congregation

Crown Him with Many Crowns - A full celebration arrangement of a traditional hymn for Easter.  Thes arrangement relfects ides from the Gettys and Promise Keepers. A full orchestra arrangement with SATB choir and congregation at a medium difficulty at ...

Crown Him With Many Crowns Inspired by Michael W. Smith SATB Choir Orchestra

Crown Him with Many Crowns as inspired by Michael W. Smith arranged for SATB Choir and Orchestra.  In the key of A.  (what a different key?--  just ask) When you purchase this arrangement you get the score and all the parts for your group i ...

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Crown Him with Many Crowns; Full Orchestra Feature inspired by Michael W. Smith

Crown Him with Many Crowns; Full Orchestra Feature inspired by Michael W. Smith’s Version from his recording “A Little Stronger Everyday”  This is an Instrumental Version (no vocals) arranged for full orchestra including: full strin ...


1This is an arrangement of the old traditional blue grass song

Give Me Jesus String Quartet and Piano

GIVE ME JESUS - String Quartet and Piano Feature arranged by Chris R. Hansen.  This is a reflective setting great for worship, wedding, Prayer. Easter, Tenebrae, and more

This is "Glorious Morning" as sung by Sandi Patti from her CD "Songs from the Heart" arranged for soprano vocal solo, SATB Choir and Full Orchestra.  Great for any Easter Service.Be sure to download the sample score and audio.You can purchase a Vocal ...

God Speaking - Mandisa - String Orchestra

These are the string parts for Mandisa's "God Speaking" based on the recording from her CD entitled "True Beauty" This chart is for a vocal solo and is scored for Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and Cello.  The Piano Vocal parts are also supplied. Be sur ...

He Is - Aaron Jeoffrey for Orchestra Choir SATB and Duet

He is - Aaron Jeoffrey duet PRINT MUSIC arranged for Orchestra, Solo Duet, SATB Choir in the Key of D - F.  Great For Easter or Christmas.  Books of the Bible


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