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A Christmas Hallelujah (Cloverton & Leonard Cohen) Parody with Christmas Lyrics for Full Orchestra and Alto/Mezzo or Bartione Solo in Ab

A CHRISTMAS HALLELUJAH (Parody) – Inspired by Cloverton’s (lyrics) & Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah arranged for full orchestra full percussion, SATB back choir, and Alto/Mezzo or Baritone Solo This arrangement is in the Key of Ab and is ...

A CHRISTMAS HALLELUJAH (Parody) - Inspired by Cloverton (Piano Vocal Only) Leonard Cohen Classic with Christmas lyrics

A CHRISTMAS HALLELUJAH (Parody) Inspired by Cloverton (lyrics) and Leonard Cohen’s classic with Christmas Lyrics.  This arrangement comes in both the keys of C and D.  This is just the Piano and Vocal Solo version. Note there are full orc ...

A Christmas Hallelujah (Parody) Cloverton Inspired Edition With Instruments

A CHRISTMAS HALLELUJAH (Parody) The Cloverton inspired edition – including piano, vocal solo, piano vocal, cello solo (bass), guitar, organ and percussion.  This arrangement seeks to recreate the original Cloverton version. This is a parody of ...


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