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Mary, Did You Know inspired by Straight No Chaser custom arranged for SATB and solo A cappella. Mark Lowry

This classic Christmas Carol “Mary Did You Know” by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene inspired by “Straight No Chaser” Custom arranged for SATB with Solo and Trio. A cappella in the original key of Gb. This is fairly simple to sing and l ...

Text Me Merry Christmas Kristen Bell Straight No Chaser Inspired Arrangement

TEXT ME MERRY CHRISTMAS Inspired by Kristen Bell and Straight No Chaser.  This is NOT an a cappella version.  This is a vocal duet for male (tenor) and female (soprano) soloists.  This arrangement also uses SAT back vocals that are fairly e ...

We Three Kings 10 Part Men inspired byStraight No Chaser

This is a 10 part men's arrangement of the Carol "We Three Kings" as recorded by "Straight No Chaser" from Indiana University.  This is print - sheet music. This is a transcription from their recording.  Be sure to download the sample PDF files ...


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