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Jesus Loves Me (Brass Quartet) for solo (child) or congregation, piano, brass quartet, percussion tranquil and Coplanesque.

Jesus Loves Me – For vocal solo (child solo) or congregation with piano, percussion 1 (cymbals and wind chimes), percussion 2 (glockenspiel and chimes), and 2 trumpets, and 2 trombones. Very lyric and contemplative with Copelandesque overtones. Diff ...

Some Children See Him - James Taylor For Solo, Piano and Strings

This is James Taylor's "Some Children See Him" Arranged for Vocal Solo, Piano, (all parts, Vln1, Vln2, Vla, Ce, ArBs) Strings, Light Percussion.  This also includes a String Reduction, full score and the full piano part is fully written out like the ...

Tidings Israel Houghton Arranged For Children's Choir (2 Part) With Orchestra

TIDINGS – Originally created by Israel Houghton.  This custom arrangement features a children’s choir.  It is the same basic version as the original, but it is lowered to the key of Cm (the original is in the key of Em).  This d ...


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